We track online privacy.

PrivacySpy is an open project to grade and monitor privacy policies for convenience and accountability. Learn about our mission →

Fair and Simple

Most people don't have the patience to read privacy policies. But privacy is important, and we shouldn't just trust that products are treating our data right. PrivacySpy uses a consistent rubric to grade privacy policies on a ten-point scale.

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Community Led

PrivacySpy is completely open source, and maintained by a team of volunteers. If you want to correct an error, add a product to the database, or suggest any kind of improvement, you can!

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Open Access

As part of our mission to make privacy more accessible, we offer a free browser extension and API that anyone can use to interact with our data.

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PrivacySpy is a project of Politiwatch, a registered 501(c)(3) organization. We're grateful to everyone who has helped make PrivacySpy possible, whether by providing financial support or gratis services. This site is powered by Netlify.

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